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Development / History

As an integral part of LEISTRITZ AG the LEISTRITZ PRODUKTIONSTECHNIK GMBH develops, produces, and sells production systems for the economically efficient manufacturing of internal and external threads, profile drawing and keyseating machines, carbide metal tools for tooling machinery, as well as tube modules and tubes.

This is how it started ...

1975 The LEISTRITZ- facility in Pleystein is located near the "European Route 12", Nuremberg - Pilsen. In 1975 the expansion of this plant was started on the grounds of a shut down factory for sheet-metal forming
On April 1st, 1975 the production of mufflers for the "Volkswagen Beetle" one of the most frequently sold automobile worldwide began. Amongst the many producers of Beetle mufflers LEISTRITZ was able to stake its claim as one of the most important manufacturers.
1977 Already in 1977 the manufacturing space had become too small as additionally to the existing production the manufacturing of carbide metal tools was integrated into the product range.
1980 Beginning of the production of machine tools.
In 1980 keyseating machines were added to the range of supply, and with that the age of numerically controlled building of machine tools was started at LEISTRITZ in Pleystein.
1982 Building up of tube production for exhaust systems.
From 1982 on, the production of tube components for exhaust systems, also for other producers of automobiles, was initiated.
1988 CNC-Machine tools from Pleystein
The experience that had been gathered as a producer of machine tools with the Polymat keyseating machines was very useful; as in 1988 the building of whirling machines was started in Pleystein. In machining technology the whirling technology is a special area, which is still an important pillar of the Pleystein facility.
Today, the plant produces technically sophisticated CNC-automated whirling machines with complete loading and un-loading systems, which offer solutions for extensive manufacturing tasks worldwide. Among other products, steering worms for automobiles, ball screws, plastification screws for extruders, and also stone drills are produced on these machines.
2000 Expansion of the tube production – another production location
In the year 2000 another production facility was built for the production of tubes and complete tube modules in Stadeln near Fuerth/Bavaria, Germany.